"Yell Cornell" Blog

Stories about unique pieces of Cornell's athletic history.


Just as students meet on campus today to watch out-of-town athletic events, before the Internet and television fans of the football team would gather in great numbers to follow the games.


An extremely rare 1909 Postcard adverting Cornell Tailor, Bernstein, featuring a college women basketball player.  Isaac K. Bernstein was a prominent Tailor in Ithaca, and he and his wife were prominent members of Ithaca society and the Cornell community.


Edmund Burke “Stubby” Magner was the Captain of the 1911 Cornell baseball team and hockey team.  Not only a great baseball shortstop, he captained the Cornell hockey team to an undefeated season in 1911 (10-0),  winning the Intercollegiate Ice Hockey Championship.  After graduating he played baseball for the New York Yankees.


George Benjamin Fillmore, Lafayette '12, and Leslie Douglas Clute, Cornell '13, played baseball against each other just one time on May 23, 1912, at Cornell.  110 years later their uniforms remain treasured artifacts.


Harry Franklin Porter, '05, Cornell Hall of Fame. 1910 “CHAMPIONS” TOBACCO CARD SET.  Issued with packs of Hassan and Mecca Cigarettes.  153 Athlete Cards in the set.  As a member of the U.S. track and field team, Porter won the gold medal in the running high jump at the 1908 Olympics.


1919 Junior Smoker. Bristow Adams, Toastmaster. Addresses by John L. Collyer and John Paul Jones, as well as James Armand Meissner.  Presentation of "C's" by Col.  Frank Arthur Barton, Class 1891.  Cornell Hall of Fame members awarded "C's" - Ivan Chandler Dresser, Howard Burnship Ortner, Charles Edwin Ackerly, Walker Smith, Joaquin Molinet.


On May 27th, 1911, Cornell accomplished an outstanding athletic Record Sweep.  On May 29th the Boston Evening Transcript publishes an article with deep admiration and respect, praising the accomplishments of Cornell.